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Summary of services

Pharmacoeconomic and health technology analyses

  • Types of analysis
    • Cost-effectiveness, cost-utility, cost minimization, etc.
    • Budgetary impact for the NHS and the autonomous communities
    • Cost-Burden of disease / Disease barometers
    • Costs calculator
  • Methodologies
    • Probabilistic models, Monte Carlo simulations
    • Markov models
    • Microsimulations
  • We perform original models in Excel, interactive and easy to use, as well as TreeAge Pro Healthcare
  • We adapt international models to the Spanish National Health Service
  • We offer the possibility of adapting the model to iPhone in Excel, as a cost or cost-effectiveness calculator

Value dossiers (price and reimbursement)

  • Based on our 11 years of experience in Health Administrations, we make valuable reports showing the therapeutic and pharmacoeconomic advantages of the new drug, which are useful for negotiating prices and reimbursement.
  • Our value dossiers are performed from the perspective of the evaluators of the Health Authorities, under two criteria:
    • the dossier must have a number of pages that allow its complete reading by the evaluator.
    • the presentation must be attractive and easy to understand, especially highlighting the benefits of the new product, both clinical and economic.

Therapeutic positioning reports (IPT) following REvalMed

Completion of a Pre-IPT (Therapeutic Positioning Report) following REvalMed, which allows anticipating possible objections in the official IPT, with the following activities:

  • Systematic review of the literature and available data
  • Data extraction
  • Preparation of the preliminary Pre-IPT
  • Discussion and validation of the Pre-IPT with clinical experts with experience in disease management: positioning and anticipation of possible objections
  • Drafting of the final pre-IPT

Therapeutic value in real clinical practice of medicines with a high health and economic impact in the National Health System (VALTERMED)

With the following activities:

  • Simulation of the pharmacoclinical protocol (PFC)
    Carry out a simulation of the PFC, which allows anticipating aspects of its design that could be detrimental to the true EFFECTIVENESS result of the drug in the real world.
    • Systematic review of the medical literature: protocols (clinicaltrials.gov), clinical trials, clinical practice guidelines, and other sources
    • Data extraction
    • Preliminary PFC
    • Discussion and validation of the preliminary PFC with clinical experts with experience in managing the disease: anticipation of possible problems in Valtermed
    • Final PFC
    • Ad hoc report on the possible problems foreseen in Valtermed
  • Probabilistic effectiveness model (MPE)
    Realization of a probabilistic EFFECTIVENESS model, which allows anticipating the possible results of effectiveness (efficacy and adverse events in clinical practice) and determining the best and worst scenario to be expected in the real world, which would be obtained with the PFC. Activities:
    • Easy-to-use Excel model
    • Results report
    • Publication in conferences and through an article

Evidence synthesis studies

  • Systematic literature reviews
  • Review articles of a medicine or health technology
  • Meta-analysis
    • Direct comparisons (Cochrane)
    • Indirect comparisons (ITC, NMA, MTC)

Social return on investment studies

Observational studies

  • Cost-burden of the disease, etc.

Multicriteria analysis


  • Since 1979, we have more than 270 publications. We carry out both clinical, pharmacological and health economics scientific articles.


  • We carry out pharmacoeconomics and research methodology courses, aimed both at the internal training of pharmaceutical companies and at health authorities, scientific, medical or pharmaceutical societies.

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